Thursday, February 23, 2017

Feb 23

Hey Mahallies!

This is the last week of the transfer....and I'm psyched! 6 weeks nalang to give my best with the name of the Lord on my chest! May the blessings continue rolling in (:

My district and I got to go to Tagaytay on thursday, and the view was magical. I love them tons, and they're so supportive - i'm grateful to have learned from each of them. We found a gigantic pineapple house and spent the day singing the sponge bob theme song while viewing live snakes and taking selfies. It was a great pday. 

Throughout the week, we visited our investigators. Sister Gizelle, a mother of 4 of the cutest little rascals, attended church again this week and got to attend class. I feel like whenever we speak about the gospel, she glows with happiness! You can just see her eyes light up like "eureka!" because she's constantly learning by the Spirit about God's plan. She wants to be baptized and is completely ready to, but she and the government don't have a record of her husband's birth certificate. She told me how hard she'd been working to get a new one made - she and her husband have both been saying the most sincere prayers and have been doing all that they could to get married. We've been doing our best to help - but seeing first hand how determined she is to get baptized because she knows it's true inspires me! Watching her convert unto Christ and become more aware of His love for her is good enough motivation for EVERY missionary to share this gospel.

Today all the missionaries leaving in a month went to the mtc to get x-rays done. It was crazy to think that just a year and a half ago, I was waving goodbye to that place and heading out to the field. time moves so fast - we gotta make the most of it. 

I know that people are waiting for the truth - for this gospel - and I plan to give my very best these next six weeks. The work never stops!

I love you all, and I pray you continue to build your testimonies through reading and pondering the words of God.

- Sister Calica

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